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Intern Software Developer :

Android Application Development

Starting Date: Now

Duration: 4-6 months
Location: Bordeaux, France
Keywords: Android App, Med Tech, Echocardiography
Education: BSc/ MSc Formation in Software Development or similar

Salary: 1000 €/month


DESKi, “learn” in Breton, is a young and innovative company, combining a strong expertise in both echography and artificial intelligence. After 2 years of research, we developed real-time AI-driven algorithms able to guide operators performing cardiac ultrasound. 

Deski is now building HeartFocus to empower any healthcare professional to accurately perform a cardiac ultrasound exam and support the interpretation of the acquired US images.


As an intern of DESKi Team, you will contribute to HeartFocus Android and iOS applications development. You will join us to:

  • Discover Ultrasound technology applied to cardiology

  • Provide a delightful user experience to HeartFocus users with QML

  • Enjoy extending the application using C++20 thanks to unit and integration tests

  • Improve your architectural skills by learning and improving the existing application architecture

  • Collaborate with data scientists and UI/UX designers

What you may learn and practice
  • Modern C++, CMake

  • Qt6 as a cross-platform context (Linux, Android, and iOS)

  • Hexagonal architecture, MVVM

  • TDD

Required skills
  • Polish your work

  • Enjoy writing high-quality software in C++

  • Master Git basics

Extras skills
  • Use UNIX command line/write shell scripts

  • Enjoy playing with 3D frameworks such as QtQuick 3D

Your application should include
  • a short introduction

  • CV

  • your internship starting date

Recruitment process
  • Phone screening

  • Interview with the lead developer

  • Interview with the lead R&D

  • Interview with the CEO

duration: 2 to 3 weeks

To be sent to

Please reach out if you have any questions!

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