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DESKi specializes in building deep learning algorithms for medical image analysis

Deep echo

Medical imaging has become unavoidable for an accurate and efficient patient care. Health systems, however, are missing solutions to spread affordable and accessible imaging tools to the point of care. Today, 2/3 of the world population has no access to any medical imaging, it is a public health issue.a

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Medical imaging is needed 

at the point of care

For diagnostic and patient orientation within an emergency situation

For screening or follow up at the general practitioner’s 

For any assistance in remote locations

Ultrasound systems appear to be the only candidates

Ultrasound has the potential to become doctor’s new stethoscope.



Handhelded device


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BUT ultrasound exams are complex to acquire and interpret, 
which limit their use to experienced specialists only
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DESKI is building AI-driven solutions for ultrasound devices 

to support non-specialist clinicians and paramedic to:

Acquire quality images

Automate measurement

improve clinician’s diagnostics

Using artificial intelligence, DESKi spreads medical expertise to democratize ultrasound imaging
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