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UI/UX Freelance:

Android App

Starting Date: Now
Location: Bordeaux / Remote

Position: Freelance / Consulting
Keywords: UI/UX, Android App, Med Tech, Echocardiography


DESKi, “learn” in Breton, is a young and innovative company, combining a strong expertise in both echography and artificial intelligence. After 2 years of research, we developed real-time AI-driven algorithms able to guide inexperienced operators performing cardiac ultrasound (see video link). 
Deski is now building HeartFocus, a solution for remote and decentralized echocardiographic exams. Heartfocus App uses our guidance AI driven algorithmes to help non-expert acquire ultrasound images at the point of care (i.e. where and when needed). Those images are then transferred to Heartfocus WebPlatform for a remote interpretation by cardiologists.


Deski has already developed an MVP of HF app in C++/Qt. Current design is basic and functional. You mission at DESKi will to :

  • Review and propose modification to our current UX and user journey

  • Adapt HeartFocus visual identity to the App UI


We are looking for mockups of the design and interactions so that they can be implemented internally by DESKi. We envision an interactive and tight collaboration to propose the best experience for our users!

Your application includes:

  • Cover letter detailing your motivation

  • CV

To be sent to
Please reach out if you have any questions !

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